Over recent years Karl has worked with a number of high profile sportsmen and women and many others from club level up. The following are just a selection of Mind Factor clients and a few of their comments.

Darren Clarke, 2011 Open Champion      “I have worked with Karl for many years and my game has always benefitted immensely from his input”.


2010 US Open Champion and Ryder Cup Hero Graeme McDowell    “He has helped me through some difficult times in my life. He was a major factor on and off the course for four or five years, giving me a basic understanding of how I should work as both a player and a person. I understand much more about myself now, my reactions to myself, my moods. We all know that golf can drive you mad at times and Karl has helped me deal with a LOT of things”.


Louis Oosthuizen, 2010 Open Champion     “Working with Karl has been tremendous. He gave me a very clear understanding of how important my routines were on each and every shot.  It was BRILLIANT!!  The RED DOT worked perfectly.  The last round at St Andrews summed up all of the work perfectly”.

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