Today, we have a fantastic forthright and honest show with Sky Sports Analyst and Commentator, Andrew Coltart.

He played on the European Tour for 17 years winning twice.  He was also a Walker Cup and Ryder Cup player.

During our time together, Andrew really doesn’t hold back.  He says it as it is!  We talk about how he grew up and the environment that allowed him to LEARN his golfing skills.  How he ‘played golf to learn golf’.

Simple, yet, effective coaching.

  • How he loved the cut and thrust of Matchplay golf and the chance to challenge himself mentally.
  • Dealing with setbacks.
  • Being mentally tough
  • His first attempt at getting and holding on to his regular Tour Card ended in failure. This only spurred him on to do better.
  • How he worked on being ‘part’ of the Tour.
  • We talk about early days on Tour and how he got used to the demands of playing sport at the very highest level.
  • Success followed.
  • Ryder Cup and how he dealt with some adverse publicity around his selection
  • The great pride in becoming a Ryder Cup player
  • The experience
  • Then the dark days.
  • How it all turned very sour.
  • Going from the top 50 in the world to near oblivion
  • How he got lost with his game and came to the point of despair.
  • The ball disappearing miles left and right of a fairway.
  • The mental anguish he experienced as he just couldn’t keep the ball on the golf course.
  • How trying to achieve a ‘perfect swing’ caused his loss of form and how drowning in too much information led to a path of misery.
  • Andrew explains what didn’t work for him.
  • He ended up losing HIS identity.
  • His own blueprint of how to play the game.
  • As we have said many times before this podcast is about finding YOUR way not THE way.
  • What didn’t work for Andrew MAY work for you and vice versa but it is great to hear such a no holds barred account of the path he personally went down.
  • We talk about some of the coaching methods out there and how some coaches may be doing more harm than good.
  • How coaching should be about playing and not just swinging.
  • How to look at the whole picture of your game and not just a small part.
  • What he sees in some of today’s great players and what you can learn from this.
  • We talk about how he managed to change direction and get involved in a new career in commentary, a career he clearly relishes and is VERY good at.

You will learn :

  • How your environment is so crucial in developing your game
  • How the fun factor is so often overlooked
  • Having trust in what YOU do as opposed to always searching for perfection as judged by others
  • Mental toughness how it can be built but also how it can be destroyed
  • The ‘technique trap’ and how you can lose the ability to play with information overload
  • Life on the European Tour the ups and the downs
  • Dealing with ‘dark days’ and how to pull yourself out of a slump
  • How memories can affect your game and what to do about it
  • When the fun goes what do you do?
  • Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and being brave enough to change
  • How to take charge of your own coaching and own the process yourself
  • The habits of great players what they do and don’t do

You may not agree with all that Andrew says in this session but you will be refreshed by his honesty of what was good and bad for HIS game.

Take your own learning from this.

Perhaps question what you are currently doing.

Are you making progress with your game? Your business?  Your life?

Listen to this podcast and challenge yourself going forwards

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