• How much of your power do you give away every day?

By that I mean the power of your mental energy.

  • How much of your day is derailed by giving your mental energy to things you frankly have no control over?

We fume at the traffic (myself included), we get enraged about the way people ‘treat’ us, we get really upset about a lack of response or a lack of respect yet, what good does any of this actually do us?

In so many ways, we give energy to people, to circumstance, to fortune that does nothing but actually rob of us of the energy we need to deal with this thing called life.

We sit and talk about how things are not going our way and then when we have talked to others about it we then go and think about it ourselves!!

Hour after hour day after day focusing on things we will never own.

In the end it all comes back to one simple question :

  • What are you going to DO?
  • What actions are you going to take TODAY?

Ancient Stoic wisdom suggests that a good life well led is about having a clear understanding about the things you cannot control and then having the clarity of intent to take action on the things you can

Your golf game, your business, your relationships will be defined NOT by what you think about them but the ACTIONS you take around them

A single golf shot is a microcosm of life itself

You decide on the shot you want. You get really clear on your intention

You step in and take action

You swing the club

There will be an outcome

Good or bad

Now here is maybe the key bit

You have TOTAL control of how you REACT to that shot

It is 100% up to you

You own it completely if you CHOOSE to

Yet, how many of us actually do this?

You cannot control the outcome of a golf shot (and so much in life)

But you CAN choose your response

The response can be either to dwell on what has happened OR you move on to your next ACTION

  • What are you going to DO?

Such a simple question BUT maybe one of the most important we can ever ask on a daily basis.



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