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Become a Mind Factor Coach – 2017

The MIND FACTOR ‘Play to Win – Coach to Win’ Certification Course

is hosted for YOU by Europe’s most successful Performance Coach, Karl Morris.   All of the tools and techniques you will learn have been applied successfully in the REAL WORLD with players at all levels of sport.

Three days packed full of cutting edge tools and techniques which have the potential to transform the results in your game, in your business and, more importantly, in your life.

The course is run only once a year and always sells out with the maximum number of delegates limited to give you the opportunity of a personal and interactive experience. The main focus is to create an environment for you to learn, experience and then, more importantly, apply the tools for your own personal benefit.

Who would benefit from attending ?

If you play sport and you want to find out how to reach your true potential.

If you coach players and want to get better results.

If you run a business and you want better results for your staff and your overall profits.

If you just want to feel like you are making greater progress in life you should attend.

Early Bird Pricing 3 day course £599+vat
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What you will Learn and Achieve
  • The Individual is sacred
  • How the very latest research is suggesting there is no such thing as ‘average’. How you need to look at yourself and others as unique individual and create an individual pathway to success
  • The single most important concept on your path to success
  • The principle of ‘Attention’ and how your attention goes where the questions flow. When you begin to direct your attention appropriately to the task at hand you become vastly more efficient in almost any area of your life. How attention is critical if you want to improve any sporting motion. It is not the number of shots you hit in practice that will make the difference. It is the quality of your attention. Many people are completely wasting their time with practice habits that pay no heed to the understanding of focused attention The wisdom of the ancients and how thousands of years ago practice habits were being developed that have been proven to be superior in the modern world and how you can tap into that wisdom to transform your game
  • Stop trying to CONTROL your Mind
  • Learn and understand how trying to ‘control’ thought may well be one of the most limiting aspects to your progress. Understand the difference between the ‘thinking mind’ and the ‘observing mind’. How observation as opposed to intervention can be a very powerful tool
  • The power of your story and how to shape, edit and adjust your story. How your life can seem to be following a pre-determined path of consistent results. The results may be good or they may well be poor but they will tend to be consistent as if following a script.  Understand the vital ability to be able to edit your script and change the existing patterns and habits that are holding you back and keeping you stuck in mediocrity
  • Your two minds…how it seems that one part of your brain wants one thing and another part wants something completely different and in the battle to get better the part of your brain that keeps repeating limiting habits seems to keep winning. Learn the one key strategy to be able to both understand and work with the way that your brain has been structured. The principle of brain plasticity and how with the right kind of training and environment your brain can change and you can create new pathways of excellence

The most important aspect is to know how to create the right kind of training to facilitate the changing of your brain and its patterns and habits.   How time defines us as human beings and the mistakes that we make with our mental time zones. The concept of mental time zones has been one of the single most effective tools of the MIND FACTOR.  A remarkably simple process to understand and implement but one that so few understand and, more importantly, apply.

The tools of the MIND FACTOR ‘Play to Win – Coach to Win’ course have been used to assist Six Major winning Golfers, Ashes winning Captains, as well as coaches and players across all levels of sports.


Graeme McDowell who said, ‘He has helped me through some difficult times in my life. He has been major factor on and off the course for seven or eight years, giving me a basic understanding of how I should work as both a player and a person. I understand much more about myself now, my reactions to myself, my moods.  We all know that golf can drive you mad at times and Karl has helped me deal with a lot of things’.


Gary Nicol – European Tour Coach Gary Nicol – European Tour Coach

“Golf is a game where you never stop learning. Having coached numerous tournament winners, Ryder Cup and Solheim Cup players, worked with and learned from Major champions you would think my golfing education was fairly comprehensive. So did I until I attended Karl Morris’s “The Mind Factor” certification course last year.

To say it was an eye opener is an understatement. I enjoyed the whole experience and learned so much from it, I have signed up for it again this year.


Louis Oosthuizen said this, ‘Working with Karl has been tremendous. He gave me a very clear understanding of how important my routines were on each and every shot. It was brilliant – the red dot worked perfectly. The last round at St Andrews summed everything up perfectly’.


The England Cricket Captain, Michael Vaughan said this after the greatest Ashes series win of all time in 2005, ‘Karl Morris made a huge difference to how I felt on and off the field in that incredibly tough series. He gave me a set of tools to help run my brain under the most incredible pressure and public scrutiny. His course can be of huge benefit to you.


Paul Anderson, the Coach of Super League team Huddersfield Giants who in 2013 won the league leaders trophy for the first time in eighty years said, ‘Through that year we worked with Karl Morris on some deceptively simple but effective ideas that we embraced as a team. We changed our story from being losers to winners’.

 More of What you will Learn and Achieve

How to press the RE SET button

How being able to stop a run of bogeys on the golf course or a run of poor performance can be developed with the simple principles of RE SET

How goal setting done badly can cause a serious lack of progress. How to set a direction that is backed up by a specific plan of application. How one simple routine can make a world of difference to your results

Your Mental fundamentals how a simple application on a daily basis of a few key rituals can make success almost an inevitability. Get the fundamental wrong, however, and you will struggle to get anywhere near to your best performances

The power of beliefs and how they shape your world. How your beliefs are embedded and, more importantly, the specific ways in which you can go about adjusting and, if necessary, removing some of your more destructive limiting beliefs

The myth of ‘Positive Thinking’ and how a universally accepted way of being can for some people be a recipe for disaster. Understand how you can break free from the attempt to ‘be’ positive and send your brain in a direction that is counter intuitive but very effective

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Join Europe’s most successful Performance Coach, Karl Morris and is three days packed full of cutting edge tools and techniques that will transform your results in your game, in your business and in your life.
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Early Bird Pricing 3 day course £599+vat

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‘The Marshmallow Test’ how one of the most important social psychology experiments in the last 50 years has a direct influence of how successful you will become. The ability to build your willpower muscle is an exciting and enlightening concept that has the capacity to keep you moving in the direction of your hopes and dreams

The hidden persuader– how your understanding of context and environment must be part of your coaching philosophy. Ignore this element to the detriment of your results

Building ‘Brain Compatible’ practice regimes. It is no use trying to get people to practice if they don’t have an understanding of how that practice will either shape or mis-shape the brain

The hidden power of the written word. Based on the incredible research of James Pennebaker you will be way ahead of the rest in understanding how emotions can be processed and dealt with by the simple act of writing. This is not just writing down the good things that happen but how you can take the emotional sting out of the inevitable sporting mistakes

The quality of your life will be determined by the quality of your questions. For a long time, I have talked about this simple concept. On the course, you will go to the next stage of understanding of how to apply this simple principle in even the most highly pressurized of situations

The principle of ‘Role Projection’ developed by my colleague Gary May, this is one of, if not the, most powerful of persuasion and influence tools that a coach or, indeed, a player can utilize to ‘change the shape’ of a person’s game and allow the unconscious mind to go to work on creating a more desirable future set of outcomes

Building up mental toughness and resilience and being able to develop the capacity to keep going and not let the first signals from the brain of discomfort affect performance. Developing the understanding that it is possible to feel very uncomfortable and yet still perform at the optimum level

The energy of emotion and how you can develop the capability to harness and work with your emotions as opposed to letting them destroy performance. Your body and its language, with new research emerging from the likes of Amy Cuddy, it is now very clear that the way we carry our bodies can and will affect us on an emotional level and will create chemical changes inside of our head. When we understand the specifics of how to take charge of our body language we have a very powerful personal and coaching tool at our disposal

Learn how you can create a ‘sanctuary of success’. The ability to enter into a mental state at will that allows the genius of the body to take over as opposed to being locked into the futile cycle of trying to consciously control your performance.