Today we have a tremendous show with special guest 2014 Ryder Cup winning Captain, Paul McGinley!!

As many of us remember, Paul holed the winning putt to clinch the Ryder Cup in 2002 at The Belfry and then, in 2014, he became a successful Captain as Europe won the match by 5 points.

Paul is one of golf’s deepest thinkers and during this wide ranging chat, he reveals some wonderful insights that I know will make a contribution to you making a breakthrough with your game.

His passion for golf is as strong as ever and you cannot fail to be moved by his infectious enthusiasm to be a better player.

We talk about THAT putt in 2002 on the final green at The Belfry but Paul goes into great detail about what was going through his mind and how he managed to get the job done under the most incredible pressure you can imagine.

The insights of HOW he got the job done reflect so much of what I believe is the root to better golf and his principles run a remarkable parallel to the ideas in our book ‘The Lost Art of Putting’.

How Paul was so tuned in to the putter face and what HE had to do.

If there is an insight to you playing great golf, it is RIGHT here!!

We talk about how his dream of playing Gaelic football at the highest level got cut short and how he dealt with the setback and poured his energy into his golf.

We discuss :

  • How some of the principles of his Gaelic football assisted him so much in his time as Ryder Cup captain
  • The concept of ADAPTATION
  • How you need to have the skill of being able to ADAPT to what the golf course is asking you today and, more importantly, what YOU have today
  • Paul mentioned some absolute nuggets of GOLD he learned from the greatest golfing mind of all time Jack Nicklaus
  • How Irish golf helped him learn how to be a COMPETITOR and what young players need to understand if they are going to get the best from their game in the future
  • We discuss how being too scientific can drag down your whole game and how when you are struggling for form you need to look at the whole picture and not just your golf swing
  • How our emotions and what is happening off the golf course can have such a big impact on how you are playing
  • How to build the right TEAM of people around you
  • Why over practicing is in Paul’s opinion one of THE key reasons why players lose their game
  • Why you need to take ownership of the coaching process if you are going to fulfil your true potential
  • Why Colin Montgomerie was and is such a great player
  • The contribution Sir Alex Ferguson made to a Ryder Cup win
  • How Paul practices so very differently now to how he used to and how much this can help YOUR game

I had a brilliant time talking to Paul!!

He was so generous with his time.

I guarantee this podcast could have a major influence this year in your quest for a golfing breakthrough!!

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