Released 03 January 2019


It is great to welcome back a great friend of the podcast, Steven Orr.  The feedback we had from our first conversation was tremendous and I know you are going to enjoy this session on the short game.

Steven has studied extensively with Rob Neill what great short game players actually do.

  • What are the common factors?
  • What happens at impact with great short game players?
  • What does the ball actually do?
  • How much does the club matter?
  • What effect does the make of golf ball have?
  • Just how much the equipment you use actually matters
  • The role of friction in the short game

What Steven’s research shows is that there are some significant common factors with great short game players and also perhaps, more importantly, what poor short game players do.  From this session, you will get a much clearer understanding of what you need to do in developing your short game skills. Not only will you gain an insight into developing short game skills but also skills in ANY discipline.

  • What do you actually need to do with the golf club?
  • The TWO critical factors in developing short game mastery
  • How specifically do you need to use the clubhead, the shaft and the bounce of the club
  • How to control the trajectory of the ball
  • When you can control the trajectory you get to control the distance
  • How vital centred strike is
  • Striking the ball off centre dramatically affects distance control
  • How consistent is the loft you present to the ball?
  • Distance control opens the door to a GREAT short game
  • What does a good short game practice session look like?
  • If you only have a limited time to practice what should you do?
  • What difference will a better short game actually make to your game?
  • What actually causes the yips?

Steven’s research on this is really interesting.   This session could be a key part in your quest for a breakthrough.  As you develop genuine short game skills, you get the chance to dramatically lower your scores. It is probably the best return on investment of time you could possibly have.

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