It is that time of year when it is VERY easy to just wind down and let one day drift into another with no real purpose.

Yes, you need a break!

We ALL do


  • What could you be doing NOW that others are not doing to give you some momentum going into next year?

The quality of what you achieve next year will be a result of what you do in the next few weeks.

To start the New Year from a dead stop is TOUGH.

Get things in place now for your game or your business.   Build in your break but DO the things you need to do NOW



One thing you can do is listen to this weeks podcast.   We have back for the second time Patrick McKeown from the Oxygen Advantage.   In the first podcast, Patrick was BRILLIANT!  So many people got in touch to say he had changed the way they looked at how they breathe.   Today, if anything, is even better!!  Patrick talks about how the breath can be used to QUIETEN the mind.

Simple but profound

You will not be disappointed !!






Another thing you can do is look to HOST a Mind Factor workshop at YOUR club.   Fill your clubhouse on an otherwise quiet night.   Get people back playing after a long, miserable winter.   Build extra value into their membership.   Get them excited about the season ahead and eager to work on their game.   It is a fun couple of hours!!  For details email me on

Premium dates get booked fast!

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