WHAT ARE YOU LEARNING?   9 October 2017

 It is mind blowing to think about what we learned in the first few years of our lives.

The feat of walking and talking is such a staggering achievement when you actually begin to analyse what must have happened in our brain from scratch to master these skills. If you have ever had your leg immobilised in plaster for a few weeks with a broken bone you will have remembered just how difficult it can be to actually educate yourself to ‘walk’ again as you retrain the injured limb and awaken all of the brain body connections. To learn to shape your mouth around words, to understand a language, to be able to hold a conversation is an awesome feat of self education.

Learning in the first part of our life is truly incredible.

Then we grow up!!!

We grow up into an ‘intelligent’ adult and the learning button for many tends to stay switched resolutely to the ‘off’ position.

We go with what is familiar.

We stay with what we know.

We confirm our beliefs with the news we read.

We travel the same way to work.

We eat the same food.

The list goes on and on.

Yet recently I read an article dealing with the devastating effects of dementia and alzheimers disease in later life and how it is vital we keep the brain engaged in new and novel activity to stave off these dreadful conditions for as long as is possible.

We all probably know someone who although advanced in years is still curious and inquisitive about life and how that sense of curiosity gives to them a life force that is a joy to be around.

They remain engaged with life.

They still seek to learn and improve.

I am not necessarily the greatest fan of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ but it is very plain to see when I am forced to watch this show the contestants are brimming with a sense of energy as they are trying something completely different, outside of their comfort zone and above all moving their bodies in ways they have long since forgotten how to do.

The winter time is descending upon us and it could be a time to hibernate and wait for the light nights to return OR it could be an opportunity to LEARN something new. To engage fully in the learning process. In the Brain Booster podcast released each Friday it has been fascinating to interview people from really diverse backgrounds and opinions. Time and time again I have done an interview and come off the call feeling a sense of energy as I have been given a view of the world I hadn’t considered before. It may be a view I don’t always agree with at times but nevertheless a view that has expanded the limits of my own at times myopic view of things.

So what could you learn this winter?

It may be a new sport to complement your regular game.

I have long since believed yoga and golf can be great for each other.

Taking up yoga could maybe keep you playing golf for a good few years more.

It may be that you learn how to play a certain type of shot.

Spend time with a short game expert or a putting coach.

It may be that you learn more about how to self correct.

It may be you learn more about your own Mind Factor.

It isn’t for me to tell you what to aim to learn but I would strongly suggest you pick something.

Look through the beginner’s lens again.

Connect that wonderful piece of machinery between your ears back to its roots.

The roots of curiosity, engagement and learning.

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