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We had the election which was supposed to be decisive.  Big majority, clear direction, strong and stable.  The only problem is it didn’t and it wasn’t!!  It just left us in a position of uncertainty.

Whatever your own personal political persuasion be that on the right, centre or left, I think most of us would agree ‘not really knowing’ is perhaps the worst of all scenarios. Uncertainty is an uneasy bedfellow of the mind.  I have spoken over the years to a number of people who have recovered from very serious life threatening disease.   Almost every one of them has said the very worst time was the time they knew something was wrong but they hadn’t had a full diagnosis.   Not knowing was torture.   A number of them said that paradoxically when they were given really bad news about their condition, they didn’t crumble but got on with doing the absolute most they could do give themselves the best possible chance of recovery.  Not knowing resulted in endless loops of thinking.  Once they knew what they had to face, they then got on with it.   A good result didn’t always ensue but they got on with what they could do.  Thinking creates more thinking, action leads to more action.  We cannot always solve every problem by taking action but we can and do create many more problems with the habit of overthinking.

I see this all the time with the game of golf.

We have so much information now available to us we can become lost in possible options.
The game has become so slow that we are given far too much time to think, too much time to dwell.

Golfers see their heroes on television taking an inordinate amount of time to decide what shot to play and this then filters subconsciously into our own approach.

Looking at a putt from thirty different angles isn’t always the best approach.

We suffer the ‘tyranny of choice’.

I am convinced for most players they would greatly benefit from becoming a little less cautious and deliberate and instead go much more with their first instinct.

Quicker decisions would speed up the game and make it more fun for those around us.

I am not talking about reckless stupidity but trusting instinct based on where your game is at during a particular round.

The key is to make the decision, commit to it, then walk into the shot with a very clear intention of what you want the ball to do in relation to the target.

I am convinced many poor swings are just a reflection of a lack of real commitment to a single decision.

A fully committed swing can cover up a multitude of sins.

With clarity of intent, it is surprising how the body can ‘find a way’ to send the ball to the target.

The problem often though we don’t practice making committed decisions.

We hit balls on the range and once we have decided it is going to be a 7 iron to that target over there we don’t make another single decision in the whole bucket of fifty balls.  A full practice session without a single decision, then we aim to play a game requiring a clear decision on every shot!

We then wonder why our decisions are so iffy once we get out on the golf course.
You need to practice committed decisions just as much as you need to practice your technique.

The other key is once you have made the decision and committed to the shot, you don’t fall into the trap of conducting a historical enquiry.

Whatever the outcome, once the ball has left the club that shot will never come back, it is over.  A committed decision does not guarantee a good shot, it only increases your chances.
To start to second guess and berate your decision making after a shot has gone is laying the fertile ground for future indecision.

Commit to the decision and then accept the outcome good or bad and move on.

Every single day we are faced with a multitude of decisions to make.  What to eat, what to wear, who to call, where to go.  It could be said that the quality of your life will be determined each day by the quality of your decisions.  We may not between us have been able to decide clearly who we want to govern us.  That is not something any of us has direct control over.  What we do have control over is our own personal decisions that affect how we live our life.   It is a challenge to us all to take that opportunity as best we can.

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