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The SECRET way to lower your scores through the MIND FACTOR. Using the 5 HABITS of SUCCESS.
You may have tried to improve your game and lower your score by just focusing on your swing yet JUST IMAGINE if you could find a way of getting better results with the swing you currently have!
If you are a golfer wanting to improve but you have limited time to practice then this programme will be for YOU!
A breath of fresh air in terms of golf instruction with a series of compelling tools and techniques which will last you a LIFETIME.
This 2 cd programme will provide you with a TOTALLY NEW and REFRESHING outlook to your golf game. Giving you practical TOOLS and TECHNIQUES you can apply INSTANTLY.
You will learn :

• The REAL value of ONE shot and HOW to save it
• Why changing your swing may NOT be necessary
• What do AFTER the ball has gone
• Just TWO aspects to control
• How thinking about ‘the turn’ can destroy your game
• How to look at the game through a FRESH perspective
• Know your RIGHT brain from your LEFT and how to get the best from each
• How our brain misleads us
• Controlling what you CAN control
• The POWER of effective DECISIONS
• The secret of the ‘Golden Bear’



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