ATTENTION!!  The SECRET to YOU playing GREAT golf.
The SECRETS to unlocking YOUR true potential.

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ATTENTION!!  The SECRET to YOU playing GREAT golf.
The SECRETS to unlocking YOUR true potential.

The Power of Focused Attention

  • ‘CHAPTER ONE’  – How to Learn the Golf Swing

Using your brain to move your body more efficiently

  • ‘CHAPTER TWO’ – Free Yourself to play Your Best Golf

Understanding your core-self and your performer-self

  • ‘CHAPTER THREE’ – The Three Phases of Golf

The fundamentals of an effective and efficient MIND FACTOR

  • ‘CHAPTER FOUR’ – The Golf Course

The art of PLAYING golf

  • ‘CHAPTER FIVE’ – On The Green

Becoming a great putter

  • ‘CHAPTER SIX’ – The ‘Cone of Contention’

The secret to low scoring

  • ‘CHAPTER SEVEN’ – How to Make Your Practice Count

Make every practise session worthwhile

  • ‘CHAPTER EIGHT’ – Golf’s ‘Thinking Sins’

Mental bunkers and how to avoid them

  • ‘CHAPTER NINE’ – How to set Effective Goals

The brain and why most people fail with goal setting

  • ‘CHAPTER TEN’ – Fuel for the Fire

Golf nutrition to fuel your brain

  • ‘CHAPTER ELEVEN’ – Coaching in Golf – and other Sports

What you can learn from other sports to improve your golf

  • ‘CHAPTER TWELVE’ – The Three Phases in Your Life

Applying the MIND FACTOR to all areas of your life


This book shares with you some of the thoughts and ideas I have found to be useful over the years in my coaching.   I do not present this to you as an academic or with a wall full of educational certificates.  From a conventional educational perspective, I have no validity whatsoever.  However, I do come from a position of being involved at the ‘coal face’ of coaching, dealing with human beings in the real world for the best part of thirty years and, I am proud to say, that I have been a member of the PGA of Great Britain for the same length of time.

Although I am not an academic, many of the ideas you will find in this book are based on the tireless work of people in the scientific and academic communities. We are immensely fortunate to be living in an age where we understand so much more about the human brain and how it functions. The really exciting part is, we are still at first base in terms of what we WILL discover in the future.  The more we can understand the brain, the more we can learn about the challenges that golf provides us and how best to set course on a programme of improvement. One of the most exciting discoveries the neuro-scientific community has provided us with is the conformation that with the right kind of training, we can literally re-wire our brain and establish new patterns of behaviour and responses. We do not need to be the victim of a pre-determined future.

I personally spent far too long thinking that being a great golfer was all about building a great swing.  I also spent far too long thinking it was ‘all in the mind’ when I now firmly believe being the best golfer you can be, involves a blend of learning how to swing the club more efficiently whilst, at the same time, understanding how to think better and control your emotions out in that most unique of environments called a golf course.

I am not for one minute saying I have all of the answers to this immensely rewarding but frustrating game.  Anyone who says that is a fool.  But, I do hope I am at least going to ask you some different questions during our time together, which will allow you to think about your game in a different way.  One thing I do know is that, as human beings, we all like the IDEA of change but the APPLICATION to change is a different matter.  My hope would be you would read this book with an open mind and pick out the ideas, tools and techniques you personally find useful.  Put your attention on those ideas and make a commitment to implement the change.  The time we are about to spend together will allow me to share with you those ideas.  I firmly believe what I am about to discuss with you WILL make a difference to your experience of the game of golf. If nothing else, when you have read the book and you have implemented some of the ideas, if you can then tell me that your experience of the game of golf is an enjoyable one, I would hope you would deem our time together as being worthwhile.


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