• Who coaches the coach?

The Art and Science of successful coaching using The MIND FACTOR.




Coaching can sometimes be a VERY lonely business in the fact all of your time is about GIVING information to help others. This is WHY we do it. Yet, sometimes I think we all need to step off the treadmill and look at HOW we do it! I have REALLY enjoyed putting this programme together for YOU. It is packed FULL of information you can INSTANTLY implement into YOUR own business.

Some of the information may only CONFIRM you are already on the right track but a LOT of the information is ABSOLUTELY brand new and CUTTING EDGE. The programme will allow you to just take some time out for YOURSELF and assess your business, your coaching and your life. I am CERTAIN if you implement these ideas and strategies you WILL have truly OUTSTANDING year.




Within the programme you WILL :
  • Learn how to cement your position in the marketplace as THE coach of the moment
  • Learn how to deliver your message to a GLOBAL audience
  • Know the influences to success which your competitors have NO idea about
  • Learn how human’s ‘irrationality’ can DOUBLE your income
  • Unlock the keys to truly AWESOME coaching and SENSATIONAL results
  • Learn how the brain can be changed
  • Understand the ‘hidden code’ to coaching success
  • See how you spend so much time helping others yet how much time do you invest in YOURSELF?
  • Understand what effect it would have to be able to be ‘the agent of change’.
  • Learn how much value you COULD add to your coaching.
  • Learn where you REALLY want to go with your coaching
  • Understand how much you REALLY know about the secret science of ‘Influence and Persuasion’
This comprehensive 8 CD programme will provide you with a REVOLUTIONARY and UNIQUE outlook to your coaching which will give you the tools to produce OUTSTANDING results with your clients. Giving you practical TOOLS and TECHNIQUES you can apply INSTANTLY to your business NOW to dramatically improve your results and your profile.



Please be advised some of the files contained in the download are over 20-30 minutes long per track. This will result in a longer download time. Average broadband speed will result in 10-15 minute download times. PLEASE DOWNLOAD ONE TRACK AT A TIME and wait for the prior download to finish.

Multiple clicking on the download link will cause simultaneous downloads of the same file and result in duplication and a slower download.

Are you Using an iPad? If so please do not download to the iPad directly due to the iPad not having a filing system or your file will play but not stay in the music application.

Please download via your computer and sync your music via iTunes as normal.


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