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DATE : Monday 10 April 2017

QUESTION :  How do we learn……or better still, what is it we are supposed to know??

We’ve all heard about the “difference that makes the difference” but how do we figure it out and, more importantly, can we honestly put our finger on it!

Scientific studies reveal that constructive and “meaningful” putting practice improves the golf swing. We also now know that Green Reading is the key component in acquiring the essential comprehension required to create a coherent learning model that separates you from the “Hit and Hope” warriors into the “Know and Flow” winners.

Certainly, Tiger learned golf from the Hole back to the Tee.  Starting with a 1 foot putt, he gradually worked further from the Hole.  With each putt, he captured the confidence from the previous result until a big picture emerged.

We now know he was building a highly efficient Visualisation system.  This individualised form of Augmented Reality became a unique and key factor in his success.  He knew all putts were simply made up of very makeable 1 foot putts.

You could say that he found “purpose” in his practice which created the fundamental building blocks of his unshakable self-belief & inner confidence.

Armed with the new PuttView augmented technology and the Zen Green Stage, we can now distil the essence of this process and make it work for EVERY golfer.   Importantly, this technology clears the “smokes and mirrors” approach to Green Reading as it actually provides the graphic proof as to how physics works on the putting green.   What’s more, this workshop is complemented with a number of proven MIND FACTOR power plays and newly devised coaching applications that are immediately effective and easy to grasp.

This premium workshop is a world first.

If you are a Coach or a player who takes his game seriously, then here’s your chance to make a difference.

Spaces are limited number.  You will get to experience how these tools can be applied to make an instant and measurable difference to your performance.

PuttView Masterclass with Nick Middleton and Karl Morris.  1 day

LOCATION :  Sheffield at the Zen Green Stage Indoor School.  Zen Studio, Newburgh Precision, Bessemer Way, Rotherham S60 1FB


Places strictly limited

TIME : The session will start at 10am prompt and the day will continue until 4pm with a break for lunch


The investment for the day is £200 per person + VAT to be paid on securing your place