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The LATEST product from THE MIND FACTOR.  

THE PUTTING FACTOR – The Secrets to YOU becoming GREAT on the GREENS.

A new and refreshing perspective on how YOU can LEARN to think differently about your putting and become GREAT on the greens.

This 2 cd programme will provide you with a TOTALLY NEW and REFRESHING outlook to your putting. Giving you practical TOOLS and TECHNIQUES you can apply INSTANTLY.

You will learn :


CD One   Track One – Introduction

  • The perception of putting
  • Careers ruined by putting
  • Blending technical with mental
  • Your Identity
  • Momentum
  • Rewarding good ball striking


Track Two – Begin with the end in mind

  • The key to becoming a great putter
  • Poor reactions – poor putting
  • Dealing with negative outcomes
  • Dare to lose to be able to win
  • Dealing with E-motion
  • Developing resilience


Track Three – The Power of perception

  • What is your attention REALLY on?
  • Getting the best from your practice
  • Radical ideas for radical progress
  • Shaping our perception
  • The ‘Magic Needle’
  • Ready to play


Track Four – Being Present

  • The skill of ‘Being Present’
  • Your ‘Time Zones’
  • How tension kills your feel
  • The body and time travel
  • Holding your mind in the ‘Now’
  • A sacred putting ritual


Track Five – The power of strong images

  • Objects to targets
  • Golf is unique – We can ‘see’ the target
  • Losing our images
  • The ‘secret’ to visualization
  • Simple Question – magical results
  • Attention in the RIGHT place



CD Two   Track One – Quiet Eyes

  • The science of ‘Quiet Eyes’
  • Good Putter – Poor Putter – Patterns
  • Gaze control
  • Busy eyes – busy mind
  • Training your focus
  • Putting the pieces together


Track Two – Let me tell you a STORY!

  • The power of a good story
  • Is it always true?
  • A life of their own
  • What is YOUR story?
  • Editing and changing your story
  • A new beginning


Track Three – Powerful memories

  • Laying down the tracks of success
  • Building self confidence
  • Memories and the power of writing
  • Searching out success
  • Having dinner with good putters
  • Choosing your own memories


Track Four

The Yips – Is there any hope?

  • The 3 types of Yips
  • Focal Dystonia
  • Performance anxiety
  • S.E.E. Significant Emotional Event
  • Hope and the way forward



Turning good ideas into ACTION




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