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A revolutionary Mind – Body programme to get the very best out of your golfing life


What if the best was yet to come?

Could it be possible that the autumn of your golfing career was going to be the best?

Could you get better well into your fifties, sixties or even seventies?

What if ageing was just a ‘state of mind’?

Could you challenge the ‘Myths of Ageing

Imagine having a new lease of life with your game.


Golf potentially provides us with a wonderful opportunity to experience some great days in the future IF you have the right mindset to create those days. Often, the advance of time provides a stoic resignation that our best golfing years are well and truly behind us.


This program will CHALLENGE that very notion and give you the tools and techniques to get the best from your game when others have decided that you can’t ‘teach old dogs new tricks’. Well, science is now firmly telling us that this doesn’t have to be the case. With the right understanding of some of the ‘non –obvious’ factors that are currently influencing your game, you will take charge of your FUTURE.


In this new programme, Performance Coach Karl Morris, will look at and reveal to you the very latest research on how the state of your mind WILL have the biggest influence on your golfing future not to mention your overall life and well being.


Challenging head on some of the myths and misconceptions, this programme will inspire you to explore what COULD be possible as opposed to what you have been TOLD is going to happen.


Drawing from a scientific base but also real world practical experience, you will be guided on a journey to get the very utmost from the remainder of your golfing life.


For less than the price of a golf lesson!


You will learn :

How FOUR events shaped the making of this programme :

  1. A quote
  2. A book
  3. An experiment
  4. An event

Each of these four unrelated but interlinked events highlight the power of the mind in the ageing process and how to challenge existing ‘wisdom’


All of the chapters in this INSTANTLY DOWNLOADABLE audio programme will help you look at your game in a completely different way inspiring you to TAKE ACTION now.

HIT IT FURTHER without having to increase your clubhead speed.

PUTT BETTER without changing your stroke.

PRACTICE with REAL efficiency

Understand the SKILL of ATTENTION

MANAGE the ups and downs of the game

SCORE better

ENJOY the game more



  • The push of expectation and the pull of your environment
  • How the world around you and the people you spend most time with will have a HUGE impact on your future
  • Discover the ‘hidden triggers’ that are holding your game back
  • How to shape your environment to get the game you want as opposed to the game you are being GIVEN



  • The skill of focused ATTENTION
  • Where and how you place your attention may be the single greatest mental skill to learn
  • This is a skill that can be learnt
  • Most of the time we allow our attention to be in detrimental places that do not serve us. How a simple understanding of how to utilize effective questions can transform your ability to utilize your attention.



  • Relationship to Failure
  • How avoiding failure can lead to a bleak golfing future
  • How to change your relationship to failure to create the game you WANT to play
  • Set yourself on the path to real improvement by understanding a concept that VERY few understand.



  • The Myth of Losing Distance
  • How club head speed and advancing years need NOT determine how far we hit the ball
  • How understanding where to focus your mind in terms of the golf club can bring you a HUGE leap in distance off the tee.



  • Holing more putts
  • The secret to holing more putts and being more effective on the greens. You will have heard the science of putting now learn to ART of putting
  • Develop a mental attitude that will always keep you in the game
  • Release your true capability on the greens.



  • The Dreaded Auto Pilot
  • How our habitual patterns and daily habits WILL hold us back
  • How the brain wants to seek out ‘certainty’ to the detriment of our game
  • How to switch off the auto pilot and begin to DISCOVER what you really can do.



  • Big Dreams – Small Actions
  • Believing big is fine but ONLY if backed up with a plan of action for TODAY
  • How to stop the self sabotage that holds so many people back
  • Embrace the power of the next 24 hours to move towards what you TRULY want.

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