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Unlock your mind…to lower your scores. A unique personalised programme allowing you to blend mental training, with physical practice.
The Secrets to Putting Mastery – a unique CD programme providing you with secret psychological putting tools practiced by tour players.
Quadrant 1 – Before Golf
Your current practice routine is almost certainly a complete waste of time, understand why. Fear causes more missed putts than anything. This CD will help you understand and overcome unwanted fears. Learn how to change ingrained patterns and habits of failure.
Quadrant 2 – During Golf
The secrets to synchronising mind and body to unlock your stroke. Learn state control techniques to enter the putting “zone”. Understand the vital role of your eyes in sinking putts.
Quadrant 3 – Inbetween Golf
85% of the time on the golf course is non golf. Utilise this time to run your brain for peak performance, as opposed to emotional turmoil.
Quadrant 4 – After Golf
Memory could well be “the key” to fulfill your golfing potential. Cutting edge technique, backed by scientific research to enhance positive memory and let go of failure.



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