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Training Mind and Body

Darren Clarke 2016 Ryder Cup Captain says :
Golf is perhaps the ultimate challenge of both technical and mental. To be the best golfer you can be, you need to understand how to control the ball with an effective swing but perhaps more importantly the best way to control yourself out on the golf course. By listening to Karl’s ‘Ultimate Players Programme‘ you will learn HOW to get the very best from your own game this year.


SECTION ONE :        The nature of the mind and how it always seems to work against you.

SECTION TWO :       The success formula – The accumulation of good days.

SECTION THREE :    Before the game – warming up mind as well as body.

SECTION FOUR :      Working on your golf swing – how to get the very best from your coaching

SECTION FIVE :        Practicing GOLF not golf swing – becoming a better golfer as opposed to just improving your swing.

SECTION SIX :          The search for consistency – how most golfers are looking in completely the wrong place

SECTION SEVEN :    The downside to positive thinking – how positive thinking COULD be making you a worse golfer


The complete training programme for YOU and your golf.

  • Has all of the time and effort you put into your game given you little reward?
  • Are you getting the most from your lessons?
  • Do your emotions wreck your game?
  • Does your mind seem to work against you?
  • Have you ever really worked on improving and understanding your mental game
  • What COULD you achieve if you could bring your practice game to the course?
  • How would it feel to REALLY improve your game?
  • What would it be like to be able to ask your OWN personal questions as you work through the course?
  • What do you want to look back on in 5 year’s time?
  • Are you going to let the chance to be the best you can be slip away?

This programme has been 10 years in the making and it is the complete course for YOU to become the very best golfer you can be.


I believe it is an essential companion to any lessons you take and any practice you do.

The Ultimate Players Programme will help you get the very best from your lessons and the work done with your coach.

It is designed specifically for YOU to get the most from your golfing effort and become the player you KNOW you can be.

The information you will receive has been tried and tested at every level of the game from enthusiastic club players, amateur internationals right up to major winners.

You will find out how to get the best from EVERY practice session you do instead of just repeating the same old patterns.



As part of your investment in your game, The Ultimate Players Programme has unique E-MAIL support from Karl Morris himself.

At ANY point during the time you are working on the course, you can and are encouraged to e-mail with your SPECIFIC questions on your OWN game.


This way you will have the support to PERSONALISE the information in your own unique style.

There are bound to be questions as you go along with the course and this prevents confusion and lack of progress.

Players in the past have said E – Mail support was THE key factor in keeping them engaged with their goals and ambitions.

This e-mail support is an ongoing commitment from Karl Morris for 12 MONTHS from your date of purchase. Instead of listening to information and wondering HOW that affects YOU as an individual, you now have the chance to ASK your own questions.



You will learn…

  • How you cannot control your mind but you CAN work with it and STILL perform at a much higher level than you are currently doing.
  • It often seems our mind is hell bent on sabotaging our efforts to become better.
  • We get in our own way so often yet we tend to just work on the technical aspects of the game.
  • To play great golf is a MIND/BODY connection.
  • You have to KNOW how to join the dots and understand how you learn best and what your precious time should be spent working on.


How to have a different relationship with THE VOICE

That voice we ALL have in our head.

  • What is your relationship to your voice like?
  • Do you try to stop it?
  • Do you try to talk to it?

I will give you a totally NEW perspective on THE VOICE which has the potential to set you free to play GREAT golf.



If you do not understand the role of attention in your game, you will ALWAYS struggle to get the best from your game on the golf course.

A very simple formula that VERY few understand and even fewer actually put into practice.

This section alone has the potential to help your game but also your life in general. At the moment we are becoming ‘attention deficient’ in the sense the modern world is scattering our attention everywhere but the place we need it the most.

Develop the skill of ‘useful attention’ and YOU will enjoy tremendous future benefits.

Your current golf swing is stored in your BRAIN.

There is no such thing specifically as ‘muscle memory’

Are you not happy with your current swing?

Does it not seem to change?

You need to change what is stored in your brain to change your swing.

Just hitting balls on the range in the HOPE your swing will change is completely FUTILE.

You will be largely wasting your money, time and effort if you do not understand how to get your brain engaged in the PROCESS of learning a new swing.

Make no mistake, golf is NOT all in the mind.

If your swing is POOR, your golf will be POOR and, if it hasn’t changed with what you are currently doing, then doing more of the same thing and expecting a different result, is the definition of insanity. The section on changing your swing is worth the price of the whole course in itself.


How your brain responds to its ENVIRONMENT. How the environment in which we spend most of our time can help or HINDER our progress.

How the subtle and even subliminal messages we get from those around us COULD be holding back our game.

When you understand the importance of CONTEXT and how that will impact your game, you can CHANGE your relationship to that context.

Understand HOW the golf course can become a place to develop your game as well as the range. Not enough golfers PRACTICE on the course. You will learn some deceptively simple games you can play on the course that will be fun but at the same time will help you develop mental toughness and tenacity.


Golf is what you DO and not what you ARE!

How we can sometimes cross a dangerous boundary and identify our own self- worth on the direction a golf ball flies.

How the blurring of these boundaries can often be the very thing holding our game back.

If you are a PLAYER , COACH or PARENT, then this section is a MUST listen to section of the course.

How to develop EQUANIMITY. A state of mind that deals with the world as it IS and NOT how we want it to be.

Master the skills from the programme and create an avenue into a game of golf you can be proud of REGARDLESS of the score.

How we take for granted the concept of warming up our body to play golf but what do we DO specifically to get into a better STATE of mind to play golf?

It could well be that the time BEFORE we get to the course has been the most mis-understood opportunity to IMPROVE. Just imagine if a little ritual, which takes no more than a few minutes, could TRANSFORM your experience of the day ahead. This section will help you understand and APPLY a wonderfully simple but EFECTIVE process.

How the simple act of making a WRITTEN commitment BEFORE you play can help you overcome some of your poor habitual responses. The simple act of writing that in the modern world of technology has been lost to our great detriment.

How FAILING can be the absolute ESSENTIAL part of learning to be a great golfer. The problem for most golfers is they have a very poor relationship to failing. They DON’T want to fail yet when we fail the brain is potentially in its highest learning state. When we change our relationship to failure we change our relationship to the game itself. You will be given some ideas to work on that COULD lead to a HUGE breakthrough in your performance.


  • On going e-mail support from Karl Morris
  • Instantly downloadable to your computer, laptop etc
  • A back-up to your existing coaching
  • Bite sized modules of learning
  • A chance to improve the part of your game that is most needed
  • A practical and applicable approach to being the best you can be
  • Learn in your own time, at your own pace
  • Play before you play…get in the right state BEFORE the first tee
  • An opportunity to maximize your playing and practice time
  • A way of demystifying the psychological approach to golf

What people are saying…..



  • Introduction to WHY and HOW
  • WHY this programme is different and HOW you can use it.
  • Not gimmicks but PRINCIPLES to use for LIFE
  • Breaking through self-imposed limitations
  • The need to write
  • The forgotten art of using a personal notebook
  • The nature of the mind
  • The futile attempt to control the mind
  • Resisting negativity is the problem
  • The master skill of attention and how one single skill can transform your game
  • The voice in our head
  • Changing our relationship to that voice
  • Observing the chaos as opposed to believing in the chaos
  • Coming back to your commitments
  • The power of intention


  • Why people are always ‘somewhere else’
  • A life happening while you are busy making plans
  • Being different than the rest
  • The simple success formula that almost nobody understands
  • The accumulation of ‘good days’
  • Being able to feel ‘great’ in the next 24 hours not some far flung future
  • How an team of underdogs broke through and became champions
  • Being part of a journey not just a destination
  • Priming your brain to act now
  • The magic numbers of 3 and 5 and how they will determine your future
  • Golf is what you do, not what you are
  • How we can make the ego so fragile we can’t play the game
  • Giving praise in the wrong direction
  • Setting yourself free to play
  • The science of motivation – the good and the bad
  • Playing for the right reasons


  • Before the game
  • Why don’t we warm up our mind?
  • How the mind can be so destructive
  • Time travel and how your mind can deceive you
  • How a simple ritual can reap huge rewards for your game
  • The ability to be present to the task at hand
  • How the brain is out of date in some of its programmes
  • How a caveman is affecting your golf
  • A different kind of commitment
  • A scary perspective but a release of freedom
  • The golfing truths and the trap of ‘Utopian Thinking’
  • Building resilience
  • Experiencing a calm mind that is ready to play


  • Working on your golf swing – myths and misconceptions
  • How your focus could be keeping your swing as it is
  • Changing the brain to change the swing
  • A shift of attention to transform ball striking
  • A powerful distraction to free your swing
  • Staying on track with your coach
  • The joy of a better impact position
  • Taking your swing from range to course
  • Establishing new neural patterns of movement
  • How to avoid wasting all of your practice time
  • How Trackman and the mind can work together
  • A major champion changing his swing
  • Establishing moves you can trust
  • Building a new relationship to failure
  • Failure becoming your essential friend


  • Practicing Golf not golf swing
  • The science of swing and the lost art of golf
  • How the golf course can be your training ground
  • The aura of Ballesteros and the genius to play
  • Playing games to toughen the mind
  • Missing on purpose
  • Making it tougher than the game
  • A tragic story
  • The cone of contention and how you can learn to dramatically lower your scoring
  • Bad day swinging good day scoring a forgotten combination
  • Making the most of longer tee shots
  • Becoming a tough opponent to beat
  • Building confidence that is real


  • The search for consistency
  • How we look for it in all the wrong places
  • The reality of the game as opposed to the fiction
  • What you can choose to be consistent with
  • What you can control to get the most from your game
  • A new look at your pre and post shot routines
  • What you can learn from meditation
  • The simplicity of the ‘one point’
  • The sanctuary to go to when the chaos reigns
  • How emotions can destroy your game
  • How to find out how emotions work for you in a unique way
  • The dangers of trying to be someone else
  • The freedom to deal with whatever the game throws at you


  • The downside to positive thinking
  • How positive thinking can keep you stuck in mediocrity
  • What the science is telling us about positive thinking
  • How to think differently than the rest
  • A simple solution to the way we think
  • A stunning breakthrough with four letters
  • How your ‘story’ binds your game
  • How the story can get stronger
  • How to finally take control and change the story
  • Becoming the director instead of the actor
  • The effect of others on our game
  • Changing the triggers of failure
  • Getting started and staying the course
  • A lifetime of progress


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