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  • MIND FACTOR Player Profile
  • 1 to 1 initial meeting either in person* or on Skype to personalise your programme
  • The Ultimate Players Programme Audio Download – a complete audio programme to accompany our work together
  • 3 months of weekly e-mail support
  • 2 further Skype sessions to monitor progress
  • Personalised Practice Plan
  • Final written REVIEW and then plan for the season ahead


Waiting on early spring to arrive can be a time when you let the days drift by and do nothing towards improving your game.  Especially inthe UK!!

You hit a few balls here and there.

You play a few holes now and again.

You get the picture!!

Then come the start of the season, you hope to play well!!

You hope your handicap is going to come down.

We all know what hoping does!

Or, you can get to work early on in the season on your game in a NEW way.

A way that engages both your technical and mental game.

The Season Starter Coaching Programme is a new programme I am really excited about.

It gives ME the opportunity to work with YOU privately on a ONE to ONE basis and put in place some patterns and habits that will provide the platform for a great year next year.

At the very, very least, you will have a purpose to your golf game through the early weeks of the season.

After completing your own Player Profile, we will get to meet either in person or on Skype whichever suits (*subject to your location!) and from there I can help you create a personalised improvement programme.

You will also have my ‘Ultimate Players Programme’ audio series as a back up and reminder to our work together.

The weekly e-mail support will keep us on track week by week.

This is THE key to improvement that you have someone with you to help you STAY on track with a process of improvement.

Working on your game NOW may sound easy to do but, perhaps more importantly, even easier NOT to do.

We will stay on track by working together.

With 2 further Skype sessions and a written final review, you will have your own unique personalises program of improvement.

Will you waste your winter ??  Take ACTION NOW

*Subject to your location.  Our initial meeting (if in person but remember Skype is just as effective and instant!) can take place at The Manchester GC