A selection of great products to help your game

At the MIND FACTOR we are keen to bring you products that will have a real influence on your game.
From our range of hugely successful CDs, you can choose which area of your game you would like to strengthen. All of the CD’s are built on the foundation of practical tools that have helped some of the World’s best players.
You can enjoy the entire MIND FACTOR course on DVD at your own leisure or why not take a look at some of the great training products that share the MIND FACTOR philosophy of practice like you play. All the training aids we will stock will challenge you in practice to make your time spent more akin to the situations you will face on the course.
As well as our own books, you will find details and links on books that Karl strongly recommends to assist with your development as a player or coach and finally we will be bringing you a collection of branded MIND FACTOR products to help get – and keep you – in the zone.






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