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Great putting is a combination of art and science, technical and mental.

There is no doubt a good stroke is an advantage but if you don’t combine your good stroke with the right mental approach you will continue to hole putts when you do drills and when you practice – but then hole nothing on the course!!

• Does this sound familiar?

The MIND FACTOR ‘Putting Clinic’ has proven to be effective, practical and instantly usable.

This may be in the form of working with the MIND FACTOR cd or a 1 to 1 programme with Karl Morris or even the opportunity to go on one of our MIND FACTOR group putting sessions, a half day held at Manchester G.C.

You have worked on the science now begin to understand the art of becoming great on the greens.

Cost £175 per person + VAT    Maximum 4 people per session


25 May  2017 – SOLD OUT

29 June 2017 –  SOLD OUT

27 July 2017 – SOLD OUT

31 August 2017 – ONLY 2 PLACES LEFT


putter and pegMind Management to be great on the greens.

An opportunity to come to Manchester GC to experience a half – day of group coaching (maximum 4) with Karl Morris

• Practical
• Applicable
• Instant Improvement
• Long Term Benefit

Develop the Mindset to transform your scores this year by holing more putts.

To be great at golf requires a number of pieces to come together. We do need to improve our swing. We do need to improve our approach shots and the number of fairways we hit. But, we can be great at all those aspects and still score poorly if we cannot putt. Developing a good putting stoke is only half of the story. You need to understand how to use your mind to hole more putts. In our time together, I will share with you the latest research on how to use your mind to get the best out of yourself instead of constantly getting in your own way and only being a fraction of the golfer you could be.

You will learn :

• How your emotional brain stops you holing putts and what to do about it.
• How mental resilience is the foundation of holing putts and how this can be trained.
• How perception is a vital component of the Putting Factor
• How to create vivid and irresistable images in the mind to help route the golf ball into the hole.
• How your practice is currently making you worse
• The vital and overlooked aspect of ‘Quiet Eyes’ and how busy eyes will destroy your putting
• How a great mindset for putting can and will enhance your whole game.
• How you need to understand the role and the power of your memory in holing putts.

The session is for all golfers who are serious about improvement and wanting to stop letting their mind hold back their progress both on the greens and on the course.

The session will take place at :

Manchester GC – Putting Lab

The session will be both Indoors in the putting lab and outdoors on the putting green.

Duration 10.00am until 1.00pm

Cost £175 per person + VAT    Maximum 4 people per session


25 May 2017 – SOLD OUT

29 June 2017 – SOLD OUT

27 July 2017 – SOLD OUT

31 August 2017 – ONLY 2 PLACES LEFT