Designed for golfers of all levels

The MIND FACTOR Workshops are fun, interactive and educational evenings.

All of the clubs shown below have benefitted from hosting one.

Why don’t you?

Fill your Clubhouse for a fun evening of learning to understand how the tools used by some of the world’s top golfers can be applied successfully by golfers of ALL levels.

The three most popular workshops are:

During this INTERACTIVE and INFORMATIVE evening you will be given the opportunity to understand how your mind influences your golf score to such a huge degree.

This will NOT be another weak and watery ‘close your eyes and imagine good things’ set of nonsense. These workshops have evolved through the use of PRACTICAL tools which can be taken onto the golf course straightaway.
The players I have worked with over the years are only concerned with ONE thing – and that is RESULTS.


Could the next 12 months be YOUR best, most enjoyable yet???

Just imagine if you could :

• Stop your mind interfering with your swing
• Learn the secrets of lower scores
• How to take your lesson onto the course
• How focusing on the “right” things could add yards to your drive
• How to finally get out of your own way and play the golf you are truly capable of


‘Just a sample of clubs which have hosted workshops’


You will be able to learn THE techniques successfully used with some of the World’s greatest golfers, including FOUR MAJOR WINNERS.

The workshop will give you the “inside secrets” how to THINK and PLAY in a way that will allow you to find your true POTENTIAL this year. You will learn how to reduce mental interference and create a CALM and QUIET but RESILIENT mindset.


  • What the “cone of contention” is and how to become deadly from 100 yards
  • How to practice in a way that is TIME efficient and CONSTRUCTIVE
  • How and why “trying” to be positive can be detrimental
  • How to learn to putt well under pressure
  • How to develop a ROBUST and RELIABLE routine
  • How to deal with setbacks and be able to BOUNCE BACK
  • How the best get to improve by thinking smart
  • The secret to harnessing POWERFUL memories to assist your game

5 Shots Lower Event

Scoring Zone Event

Read what the PGA has to say about the benefits of MIND FACTOR workshops


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5 Shots Lower Event

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