I attended one of Karl’s seminars whilst doing my PGA Training and found the experience absolutely mind blowing. I learnt some fantastic techniques I still use to date regularly in my playing and teaching. It made me realize so much of golf is in the mind and I needed to show my clients that as well! So I started thinking, what was the best way to bring golf psychology to my clients? That’s when I remembered Karl, who better than the guy who inspired me to make such a drastic change to my golf and my way of thinking. It was easy, all I did was send an e-mail showing my interest and the rest is history.


I organised the night well in advance to make sure I sold the tickets in time (110 spaces). The night was organised for March 2012 in October 2011 giving me 5 months. I sold out in just 3 weeks! The tickets sold themselves. That left me with 4 months to promote with no tickets available, so, I decided to arrange a second night on the back of it which looks like its going to completely sell out as well!


I can’t believe the response. I think it’s because it’s so different to any other lesson experience out there and people are looking for something a bit different and new.  A lot of people feel they lack some what in the mind department and this is a great opportunity for them to work on that with Karl, Europe’s Leading Mind Coach.


It’s really raised my profile as a Professional as I think its shown that I’m up to date and have connections with some of golf’s leading coaches. I have to say I’m really looking forward to March and because of this response, I’m going to sign up for and complete Karl’s MIND FACTOR Course, qualifying me as a MIND FACTOR Golf Coach.


I would recommend this to anyone.  There are no disadvantages and you have everything to gain.  As well as earning some good money doing it! So give Karl an e-mail and book in your own MIND FACTOR course today.  It will be one of the best things you will do this year!”

Stephen Packer

PGA Professional

The Dorset Golf & Country Club

stephen packerStephen Packer PGA Professional The Dorset Golf & Country Club
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