We have a REALLY interesting show lined up today with a fascinating coach, Kendal McWade.

This session will truly give your learning brain a BOOST!

Kendal has made it his life’s work to help people gain SKILLS.

Not just knowledge but skills

The SKILL of being able to complete a task

The SKILL of influencing the ball

So often, the coaching process is just an exchange of INFORMATION

You are told what you are doing ‘wrong’ in the opinion of the coach.

You are then told to do what is ‘right’…

Does this actually help you to develop the skill of controlling your golf ball or the cricket ball or the tennis shot?

Often, what happens, is we are burdened with a whole bundle of technical instruction that often gets in the way of real learning.

In this session, Kendal explains why and how his own game went so badly wrong and the steps he took to fall back in love with a game he had begun to HATE.

What shines through in this conversation is someone who is PASSIONATE about coaching.

It is fascinating to hear Kendal describe HOW he actually engages his students in the learning process so that THEY own the learning.

It is about the student having the experience and not just the coach sounding ‘wise’

If you are interested in developing your skills in ANY field then you will find this podcast essential.

If you are a coach it will REALLY get you thinking about how you deliver your coaching.

More importantly, it will have you questioning what you REALLY want from the game.

Kendal talks with passion from the heart about a game he clearly loves.

We discuss :

  • How learning can be interrupted and what is perhaps the single biggest reason we don’t get better at a sport
  • How it is so important to understand WHAT you are trying to do with both the club and the ball
  • If you have no awareness of what the club is actually doing chances are any progress will be temporary in nature
  • How exploration is essential in the learning process
  • How to create a learning environment
  • The real JOY of immersing yourself in the EXPERIENCE of learning
  • What do you REALLY want from your game?
  • How verbal instruction can be so limiting and how we can overload our brains natural capability to solve the problem of the task at hand

A truly genuine interview with a genuine coach!  Enjoy !

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